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LAGANMUHURAT.COM's Term and Conditions And Privacy Policy Dear user of this Website, you are requested To read And understand the terms And Conditions Before using and Registering To this website And by Using And Registering(Posting Profile) To This Website IT Is Understood That You Have Explicitly Understand and Agree to the Following Terms and Conditions:


You should be for registering (Posting your profile) of minimum age of eighteen years for women and twenty one years for men and you are eligible for entering into a contract and not disabled by any law for the same. It is explicitly understood that you are bound by the Terms and Conditions as you have gone through the same .You agree that we may modify the terms and conditions of this agreement or the privacy policy when ever required by the owner of this website . If you continue to use this site it means you have accepted the existing and amended terms and conditions. And also if you use any services affiliated with LAGANMUHURAT.COM , Whether or not included in LAGANMUHURAT.COM website, you will also be subject to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service or business.

It is agreed by the Members/ non Members / user of this site that their profile(s) created by them / queries /comments given by them ,may be crawled and indexed by search engines, as LAGANMUHURAT.COM and its network does not have any control over the search engines behavior.

While visiting LAGANMUHURAT.COM website or sending e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically and it is explicit that you consent to receive communications from us electronically and we can communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all call/ sms/ email/ news/ agreements/ notices/ disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy all legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

COPYRIGHT :Contents included on this site, such as graphics , text, button icons, logos, images, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, and the UNIQUE CONCEPT /FEATURES used in the website is the property of LAGANMUHURAT.COM and is protected by Indian copyright laws. All the contents on this site is the exclusive property of LAGANMUHURAT.COM and protected by Indian copyright laws. All software used on this site is the property of LAGANMUHURAT.COM and protected by Indian copyright laws.The Concept/system of posting profiles with out creating Login ID and Password is unique feature developed by the owner of website and such system can not be copy/ modify or copying in similar or different nature can not be done with out the written permission from the owner of website.

TRADEMARK : WWW.LAGANMUHURAT.COM are registered trademarks of LAGANMUHURAT.COM. The logos, graphics, button icons, header footer, scripts, and service names are trademarks or trade address of LAGANMUHURAT.COM. LAGANMUHURAT.COM’S trademarks and trade address can not be used with any product or service that is not belongs to LAGANMUHURAT.COM ,and alos can not be used in any manner that cause confusion among persons or customers or in any manner that discredits the image of LAGANMUHURAT.COM.

LAGANMUHURAT.COM only provides you a limited license to access and make use of this website and any one cannot download or modify it, or any portion of it, except with express written consent of LAGANMUHURAT.COM. It does not include any re-sale or any commercial use of this website and it’s all contents; incase of use of any listing, descriptions, prices or any other type of its use and any copying or saving any of the information for the profit of others or any other use of data gathering changing coping in similar or different nature. Our website or any of its part can not be copy/sale/sold etc. or any other type of misuse without the written permission of LAGANMUHURAT.COM can not be made. Our trade mark logo text images, page layout, or form or the technique/ concept used in this website) are the property of LAGANMUHURAT.COM and can not be used without the written consent of the owner of the website .Any Meta tags or any other "hidden text" in the website LAGANMUHURAT.COM and you can not use logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark.

When you use this website, you have to take full responsibility and care about the secrecy and confidentiality as in our system the contents posted by you at the time of posting the Matrimonial Profile is open to all persons registered or non registered and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities occurred or if anybody uses or misuses your contents entered by you in your matrimonial profile. LAGANMUHURAT.COM reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel subscription at their sole discretion.

When you registered (post) your matrimonial profile through our website LAGANMUHURAT.COM the owner of this website reserves the right to approve or cancel any profiles uploaded in the websites.

The owner of this website is not at all responsible if the personal data of any members(registered profile) edit by the member or the user of this site is by chance copy hacked misuse by any person the member( registered profile) itself has to take care of its personal data and responsible for the same.

The owner of the website has full right at any time to approve or not to approve any profile for membership ,approve or not to approve any edit of profile as made by the member , approve or not to approve any comments /success story etc. and the duration of membership(registered profile) is depends on the will of the owner of this website and the owner of this website has no responsibility if the owner of website remove /edit/cancel /terminate /refuse the membership at any time. The owner of website has right to alter/change at any time the meaning Membership (post profiles) without giving prior notice.

If the system of website does not work or function by any of the reason the owner of the website is not at all responsible for the same .We are also not in any case responsible for the correctness of the success stories provided to us through our website or otherwise. If the user of this website provide wrong cell no or wrong email id or cell no /email id of any other person than that person is responsible for any problems arises afterword and we the owner of this website is not at all responsible for the same.

In case user of this website if the member/user is not satisfy with our services or do not get any response for marriage by any of the members or by any reason not satisfy by any of our services the owner of the website LAGANMUHURAT.COM is not at all responsible for the same .While registering the profile the owner of this website is not at all taking any responsibility for finding matches for you , verification of any profiles detail’s correctness , regarding your receiving any matrimony interest by any profile again and again , or any other expectation by any member or the user of this website the owner of this website is not at all responsible for the same .All the member are personally responsible for verifying any profiles details while processing further .

Members or non members or user of this site (are advised to make appropriate/thorough enquiries before acting upon any matrimonial advertisement. Our site does not vouch for or subscribe to the claims and representations made by advertisers/member regarding particulars of status, age, name, income and all other details as provided by the members. Kindly note that, your membership (registered profile) in LAGANMUHURAT.COM is for your sole, personal use. You may not authorize others to use your membership (registered profile) and you may not assign or transfer your account to any other person or entity.

You are responsible for the content and information [including profile] you post in LAGANMUHURAT.COM’S services. You will not post or transmit any content or information [in whatever form they may be contained] that is defamatory, blasphemous, abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, profane, intimidating, illegal or in violation of the rights of any person, including intellectual property rights. No content or information shall contain details or particulars of any of LAGANMUHUAT.COM’S competitors, including their contact details. You will not use either your online or offline membership as a platform for any kind of promotional campaign, solicitation, advertising or dealing in any products or services or transmit any chain letters or junk mails. Your membership will automatically be suspended if you send "abusive, obscene or sexually oriented" message/s to other members.

LAGANMUHURAT.COM has the right to suspend your profile without any prior notice and reserves the right to edit/delete your profile contents if it's not a valid/clear/related one. If we find duplicate profiles then we have rights to suspend any of the profile or all the profiles. Messages sent to members of the opposite gender should be only for the purpose of finding a soul mate for marriage. You are not allowed to misuse the service in the name of "Dating", "Flirting", "Friendship" etc. LAGANMUHURAT.COM reserves the right to modify your profile if any prohibitive or objectionable content is found, or in the case of your contact details being entered in irrelevant fields. OR CAN also modify the profile for other reasons not mentioned herewith. We are not at all responsible if any one user or member/advertiser of this site send your details to any other persons.

You are using this website on the basis of AVAILABILITY and we are not making any guarantee /warranties of any kind expressed or implied regarding the operation /information /content/material /product available on this website and you are agreeing to use this site at your own risk .We are not at all responsible if in any case virus or other harmful component is received in your computer or any other device from owner website and we are not in any case responsible for any damages in any cases arises .

The user of this website is itself responsible for the same .We are not at all responsible in any case if you send/accept /receive any matrimony interest or proceed further to send email / sms / or call directly or fix further meeting for any purpose and or plan to get marry it is your own sole discretion and we the owner of this website is not at all responsible for the same Suggestions, Complaints, Disputes: Suggestions and complaints are to be first addressed to LAGANMUHURAT .COM’S QUERIES AND EMAIL ID OF OUR WEBSITE .Any dispute arising between user of this site or members or non member or user of this site and owner of this website would be subject to jaipur jurisdiction.

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